Berlin Dialogues
15.2.2020 - 20:00 - 10/15€

Greifswalder Str. 23a | Tickets

Imagine yourself at a contemporary music concert, but you don’t feel uncomfortable!

Berlin Dialogues is the kick-off event for an international series of concerts organized by Open Strings Berlin and the Lux Nova Duo.
The event creates an inspiring space for performers, composers and audience to share information and emotions about contemporary music.
All compositions are written by composers living or born in Berlin.
All compositions are premiered at Berlin Dialogues.

On the premises of Musikbrauerei and UFO Sound Studios we’re hosting a concert night involving guitar, contemporary art, more than 20 composers and performers, installations, drinks and the chance to get to know the artists and their work!

Berlin Dialogues breaks with the traditional concept of room and rules in a concert.
The pieces will be performed in different spots around the building and therefore you’re not only allowed, but encouraged to move around. (Don’t worry, there will be something to sit on, if you have or want to!) Otherwise you might miss the next piece or talk.
Talk? – Oh yeah, there’s going to be the occasional introduction to a piece.

Have you ever been to a contemporary music concert and wondered if the other people in the audience are really enjoying this?
Oftentimes we feel that there’s a lack of communication between composers and performers as well as between performers and audience when it comes to contemporary composition and its presentation.

Why don’t we do something about that?!

It’s about music, so let’s have fun!

Leon Albert, Julia Kadel, Emmanuel Tanka Fonta, Paulina Sofie Kiss, Kaan Bulak, Alexander Liebermann, Otto Hirte, Alessandro Paganelli, Georg Hajdu

Duo Karuna, Lux Nova Duo, MIRROR STRINGS, Willi Leinen, Elizabeth Boardman, Marius Moritz, Kevin Daniel Cahill, Johanna Ruppert, Johann Jacob Nissen and many more...

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